To add even greater value to your purchase, Torq Servo offers FreeEconomy Shipping within the USA, Lower 48 States for any valid order$100.00 or greater - restrictions apply to select items.

HI,AK & PR orders may qualify for free shipping options, but in thecase of large, heavy items, additional shipping fees may apply. In thiscase, our customer service team will reach out to you for furtherpayment, if necessary.
Free Economy Shipping – Qualifying Orders $100.00 or Greater

Witha qualifying order of $100.00 or greater, we are happy to offer FreeEconomy Shipping within the USA - restrictions apply with HI, PR &AK .

Free Economy Shipping can ship out via multipleshipping methods, and such shipping methods are at the sole discretionof our shipping staff in relation to shipping method utilized.

Ifa specified shipping need is required outside of what our Economyoptions can offer, the customer will be required to select theappropriate method of choice. In this situation, please be sure tocontact our customer service team before your order ships out. Any suchorder shipped out via a carrier that cannot be accepted by the customercannot be held against Torq Servo.

Please note thatwith Free Shipping, we do not guarantee specified delivery times, andwith Free Shipping options, certain orders can take up to 7 businessdays to arrive, although this is usually quite rare.

 Ifyou are in need of a faster delivery time, we highly suggest that youupgrade to a quicker method, as Free Shipping is based upon Economy (5to 7 business days), and is not guaranteed.

If FreeEconomy will not arrive within the desired time frame, it is thecustomer’s sole responsibility to choose the correct method for properdelivery.


 How do I Know if My Order Qualifies for Free Ground Shipping?

Allqualified Free Shipping items will be noted as eligible via a "FreeShipping" tag, which can be found in the product details.

If“Free Shipping” is notated within the product information,  the item iseligible. If there is no notation of "Free Shipping" within the productinformation, this item does not qualify for Free Shipping.

 Myorder is Greater than $100.00, but Some Items Do Not Qualify for FreeShipping – Will My Qualifying Items Ship via Free Ground Shipping?

 Yes– your order of Qualified Free Shipping items will ship via FreeGround. As for non-qualified shipping items in your order, you will becharged a separate shipping fee for these items for an order that iscompleted with this mixture of qualified & non qualified items.

 Do LiPo Batteries Qualify for Free Ground?

 Yes – If these items show a "Free Shipping" notation, they will be eligible for Free Ground Shipping.

 Will I Receive a Tracking Number with My Free Shipping Method?

 Yes– you will be emailed a tracking number for your Free Economy Shippingmethod, once your order has been completed. Please note that FreeEconomy may have any number of tracking numbers, as this Economy basedmethod can ship via UPS or USPS Mail.

 Do All Items via Torq Servo Ship for Free over $100.00?

 Nearlyall items we carry will ship free within the USA for an order over$100.00, but a few select items do not qualify either due to their size,weight or pricing, as some items have been lowered in price to meetother competitors.
Please check the item you are ordering – if available for Free Shipping, the item will be notated as eligible for Free Shipping.

 What Shipping Method Will My Free Economy Shipping Order Ship Out With?

 WithFree Economy Shipping, our shipping staff will utilize an economy basedmethod at our sole discretion, based upon multiple factors of theparcel being shipped.

If a specific shipping methodmust be used, please note that a specified method being requested maynot coincide with the economy shipping method we require for shipment.In this case, the customer would need to choose an alternate address tofit the method of shipment, or upgrade the shipped method at the cost ofthe customer.

 I Can Only Receive Orders via a Specific Carrier – What Are My Free Shipping Options?

 Ifyou can only receive a specific carrier with a qualified Free EconomyShipping order, we will do our best to offer the requested method, aslong as this method coincides in cost via the Economy method we require.However, due to the fact that we cannot predict such issues arising, itwill be the customers responsibility to contact us before an orderships to see what possible options are available.

Ifyou can only receive (1) specified carrier and have selected FreeShipping, note that we may not be able to offer the method of yourchoice, as some packages (due to size and/or weight) are very costly toship other than a specified Economy method. In this case, we will cover aportion of the shipping, and will require additional payment for theremaining balance.

 I live in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico – Do My Orders Qualify for Free Shipping Methods?
Yes- most orders $100.00 or greater may still qualify for Free Economyshipping. However, certain items may not qualify (such as large, bulkyor heavy items) for Free Economy shipping. In a case like this, ourcustomer service team will reach out to you for additional payment, ifnecessary.

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