Torq Servo truly caresabout every customer purchase, and we will do our absolute best when itcomes to assisting you with a purchase, helping you with productquestions, and helping you choose products you need to purchase. As with everything, there are limitations, and here are ours, listed below.

TorqServo shall assume no responsibility for injury, death, propertydamage, crash damage, aircraft damage, or damage to other accessoriesduring any aspect of radio controlled flight or otherwise. 

Theend user shall be solely responsible for all final decisions withhis/her parts selection, component setup, and final operation ofaircraft / accessories at hand, and shall assume all risk &liability associated with the flight and or usage of the items purchasedfrom Torq Servo.

Typographical Errors

Inthe event a product is listed at an incorrect price, or with incorrectinformation/pictures due to a typographical website error, or an errorin pricing or product information received from our suppliers, TorqServo holds the sole right to refuse or cancel any orders placed forproduct listed at the incorrect price and correct any pricing error atour discretion.

Torq Servo holds the right to refuseor cancel any order, whether or not the order has been confirmed andyour credit card charged. If your credit card has already been chargedfor the purchase and your order is canceled, Torq Servo shallimmediately issue a full refund to your credit card account in theamount of the charge. With any listed product upon Torq Servo website,we hold the right to update, modify or delete information at our ownchoosing.

Credit Card/Debit Card Authorizations & Charges

Allcredit card / debit card transactions are processed at the request& approval of the card holder, either verbally or in word/documentform. For any refunds made via credit cards, please allow 48 hours ormore before the refund is posted within your account. Torq Servo is notliable for any delay in regards to processing time after any refund hasbeen made, as this is based upon the bank that is affiliated with saidcredit card / debit card.

Copyright/Trademark Information

Information,whether it be pictures, descriptions, writing, or other intellectualproperty, is owned via Torq Servo, and all trademarks via Torq Servo areregistered & copyrighted and are not to be disseminated orinfringed upon. Written permission must be obtained for any use of theimages, information, text, products or other displayed items upon TorqServo web based store.

Order Acceptance Policy

TorqServo holds the right to modify, cancel or decline any order at anygiven time. As for orders placed via our site, whether phone or on-line,Torq Servo holds the right to hold said order in relation to fraudverification services to determine if we are able to release said orderbased upon the verification services we utilize. 

Pricing Errors

Wedo our very best to maintain accurate pricing via our website, but ifan incorrect price is listed via our website, Torq Servo maintains theright to cancel and refuse any order placed with us in relation toproduct(s) that have been listed with an incorrect price, or modify anyprice at our discretion. If an order has been confirmed with anincorrect price, Torq Servo has the right to cancel the order and refundthe payment based upon the noted incorrect price. 

Battery Safety

Dueto the inherent makeup of batteries (specifically Lithium Polymerbatteries), the end user shall be held solely responsible for the safeuse, charging, handling, storage and care of all batteries purchased viaTorq Servo. Damages, fires, injuries, death, losses or otherwise willnot be covered in any way, shape or form, nor shall Torq Servo be heldresponsible for any such faults, failures or otherwise.

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