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KOLIBRI 140 LV 2-6 S LiPo, 6-25 V 140 A continuous current BEC 10 A continuous current BEC 30 A peak current 160 g with cable Size 77x23x36 mm DOWNLOAD Manual PDF


  • 2-6 S LiPo, 6-25 V
  • 140 A continuous current
  • BEC 10 A continuous current
  • BEC 30 A peak current
  • 160 g with cable
  • Size 77x23x36 mm


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Customer Reviews

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Warren H.

Fadt and prompt delivery

Albert N.
Arguably the best 6S ESC on the market!

This product is amazing, very easy to use, comes with all the cables needed for connection and telemetry, all ready for several radio systems (please check specs for more details), although I would recommend to purchase along with it the KONTRONIK PROGUnit, which is how you can configure and update this ESC. If all of this is new to you, a few searches online and videos later, you should be ready to go, it is a pretty straight forward process. The big caution with all KONTRONIK ESCs applies only to the update process, if you're ever going to do it, make sure that prior to starting you have disabled your PC's antivirus and closed all other applications running in the background, and after the update process starts, BE PATIENT! Don't do anything untill the process is finished, some people get anxious and think the ESC looks "frozen", but sometimes it simply takes a while (anywhere from 5-15 minutes, but if it takes 25min on your computer, don't be alarmed).

Where this ESC truly shines of course is when you're using it. Although it is rated for "only" 140Amps, I get peaks of 170-199.9 Amperes every flight, and the ESC does get hot (up to 80C if you fly hard on a hot day), but never has issues. It also has an excellent fan, which helps to get airflow around the unit to help in heat dissipation.

The governor performance is another highlight, simply the best in the business, and you never have to set anything, it simply does it all by itself. That being said, if you're running one of these ESCs, you should also run a KONTRONIK Pyro motor that's appropriate for your application. Of course this ESC can run with any motor, but the reality is that if you're getting such a great unit, you might as well run a motor that is on par with it.

I originally purchased the Kolibri 140LV around 8 months ago, and I loved it so much that I purchased a second one now, and Helidirect sent me the new KOlibri 140 LV-I, which is basically the same unit, but in a newer version. The differences are that on my previous unit, the top part (black) of the ESC is made of CNCed aluminum, and on the HV-I it is made of some plastic material, similar to the old Jives. It still has the silver aluminum ribs under the fan to pull heat from the MosFETs, and weight is the same, so I guess that's equivalent, if KONTRONIK designed it this way.

Highly recommend this unit, if you think you want or need a heavy duty 6S ESC, this is the best choice on the market for sure! IF you want to look at an alternative, I'd also recommend checking out the YGE Saphir 155 ESC, this one actually goes from 4S all the way up to 8S...

Have fun and enjoy!