Nitro Fury 57 Snake - Kit

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The new Fury 57 is based on the very successful and proven Fury 55. The Fury 57 has a very low part count which makes the helicopter: lightweight easy to build easy to maintain reasonable priced The new Fury 57 comes up with lots of new parts and features to provide...

The new Fury 57 is based on the very successful and proven Fury 55. The Fury 57 has a very low part count which makes the helicopter:

  • lightweight
  • easy to build
  • easy to maintain
  • reasonable priced

The new Fury 57 comes up with lots of new parts and features to provide a high performance smooth running helicopter for the demands of today's pilots and flying styles:

  • New main rotor head with optimized geometry to provide more than +/- 12° cyclic for high agility and up to +/- 16°pitch for ultimate 'pitch bumps'. (MA also provides high performance MS-Composite blades which are designed to handle these high angels of attack).
    The r
    ate of damping can be set up in a very wide range now. The new head provides three o-rings on each side. Optional setups are available like two o-rings and one POM bushing on each side or one o-ring and two POM bushing. O-rings are available from 50° to 90° shore.
    In combination with the new main rotor shaft the distance between rotor disk and tail boom is now 20mm less for a better CG.
    The new blade grips are now based on a two-piece design. This makes it possible to CNC machine a blade grip in one workstep eliminating the unavoidable manufacturing tolerances caused by clamping the part a second time. This results in a more precise blade tracking.

  • New swash plate follower arms with 5 ball bearings at each arm for a high precise swash timing.

  • New Helical drive train for a smooth and quiet running helicopter. The new gears are module 1 for high robustness and are all CNC machined for a true running system and less vibrations. The gear ratio is 7.92:1 to comply with today's high power engines like the O.S. 55HZ-R. Head speed of more than 2200 rpm is possible. An optionally gear ratio of 8.58:1 for smaller and/or older engines with less power will be available also.

  • New CNC machined one way hub with two (!) one way bearings and two ball bearings for high robustness and a precise running system.

  • New tail case with additional bearing support. Output shaft ball bearings are now pressed in at an additional part which is installed at the carbon tail case for a precise bearing seat and precise running belt system. The proven gear ratio of 4.6:1 offers the possibility to use blades with a length of 95 mm to 106 mm.

  • New 100% full carbon frames and parts. Maybe the Fury 57 is the only 600 size nitro heli on the market which has genuine carbon parts.
    The carbon sheet material which is used for (all) X-Cell helicopters is made especially for X-Cell. It has an unique layer stack. This material makes the frames and the complete helicopter very robust.

  • Additional bottom frame support and additional frame doubler for the boom support increase the robustness of the carbon frame.

  • New steel control balls with a high quality and very hard surface. This makes the ball links last for a long time.

  • New aerodynamically optimized canopy with new design. The new canopy makes the Fury 57 really fast and gives a better visibility.


  • Sturdy Graphite Main Frame Unit, 100% true carbon
  • Molded Fuel Tank 15.5 oz (Easy Removal)
  • CNC Aluminum Bearing Blocks
  • CNC Delrin Machined Main Gear
  • True T6-6061 Aluminum Components
  • Quality Bearings Used Throughout
  • CNC Aluminum Tail Drive Pulleys
  • Hardened Main Shaft (10mm)
  • High Efficiency Cooling System
  • Aluminum Fan
  • Split-Style Pre-Aligning Aluminum Fan Hub
  • Simple Motor Removal/Installation
  • Direct Controlled 120° CCPM
  • Aluminum Boom Clamps
  • Hex Start Adaptor

FBL Rotor Head:

  • Full Ball Bearings/Thrust Bearings
  • 8mm Head Axle
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Swashplate
  • Hex Control Balls
  • CNC Aluminum Blade Grips
  • High Quality Swashplate Heim Ball/Ball Bearing
  • Simple SleekDesign

Tail Rotor:

  • Full Ball Bearings
  • Graphite Tail Fin
  • Secure CNC Aluminum Tail Rotor Clamps
  • 22mm Lightweight Aluminum Tail Boom
  • 5mm Carbon Control Rod
  • Hardened Tail Rotor Output Shaft
  • Carbon/Aluminum Boom Supports


  • High Visibility Painted Epoxy-Glass Canopy


    Heli Length47.875" - 1216mm
    Heli Height16.625" - 402mm
    Rotor Span1305-1405mm - 570-620mm Blades
    Tail Rotor Span260-282mm - 95-106mm Blades, 106mm Blades only in combination with main blades up to 600mm
    Avg. Ready-to-Fly Weight7.05-7.5lbs - 3.2-3.5kg (less fuel)
    Avg. Kit contents Weight5.4lbs - 2.45kg (includes painted canopy)
    Main Drive Ratio7.92:1
    Tail Drive Ratio4.61:1


    Helicopter Kit


    Miniature Aircraft




    12.0 lb

    Product Spare Parts


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    Very nice heli

    Fury .57 review

    Kit went together great. Have ways enjoyed MInAir kits. Glad to see MInAir back in business!

    Fury 57

    I have always liked miniatures machines which is why I purchased this kit. The machine went together great and set up was even faster. I will be buying a whiplash for my next purchase.