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RAW 580 vs. Kraken 580

RAW 580 vs. Kraken 580

Kraken 580 vs RAW 580

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From SAB Helicopter, both machines are in the same size category. But have you ever wonder what are the differences that distinguish them from another? Let's dive into our short article and discover what heli is actually your favourite!

Canopies and Overall Looks

One of the most distingushable features of the Kraken and RAW 580 is the Design of the canopies. One comes with open canopy (RAW 580) and one with closed canopy (Kraken 580).

The open canopy gives the RAW 580 a lighter, super visible look with different color stickers on each side, and better heat dissipation.

While the open canopy design has its own strength, long term SAB fans usually lean towards the classic design of Kraken 580 canopy, which has almost the same heat performance as open one. Additionally, the distinct sound of the kraken which is loved among the fans, is from the resonant from the canopy design.

Tail boom design

The two birds are at the same size but represent two different design mindsets. Raw 580 comes with aluminum tail boom, and carbon fiber tailboom for the Kraken. 

May be the most technical differences of the two is the main frame where side plates are placed and held together. In the RAW, the design is simpler with two side frames. They are there to protect the upper frame and electronics. They come off easily with just few bolts.

On the other side, the carbon fiber carters (side panels) of the kraken raw 580 give more  artistic look and feel stronger. They hold the landing gears and upper frame together. However in case of crashing, they are also sacrificial so the upper frame could stay intact.

The Verdict

If you decide to go either way with one of the two, you are going to have a lot of fun with them as they both perform phenominal with all electronic setups, from 6S to 12S. The main blades can be upgraded to 600mm, which feels lighter in flight, but requires more power.

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