Finally, our sample SAB Avio Lizard EDF jets are finally here at our warehouse.  These are the only first 2 Jets in the US. We are very exciting to get our hand on this. 

We were hoping this would be a nice long build to make the winter months here in Indiana pass with something to work on!  However, with SAB awesome and great design, it only took us within 6 hours of time on it so far, and all servos are in, canards and thrust vector unto completely installed and set up with push rods. Still need to set up wing and rudder push rods (20 minutes top).  Fuel tank in place but not plumbed. Jet Central Lynx 130 mounted and retracts installed!  Still a lot of tedious (to me at least) stuff to take care such as wiring, plumbing, radio install...but to be honest...if I was pressed for time...this little jet could be ready to maiden tomorrow! It builds that quickly! 👍

Please check out our building pictures so far.   Check out our next blog to get more detail on our build and maybe some videos.