Radiomaster Nexus Helicopter Flight Controller

The NEXUS Flybarless (FBL) control unit has been designed from the ground up based on the Rotorflight 2.0 reference design. All aspects of the NEXUS have been planned and tested for optimum performance and compatibility, ensuring the best out-of-the-box Rotorflight experience on the market today. 

NEXUS FBL Main Features


- Rotorflight 2.0 compatibility

- Equipped with STM32F722 MCU and TDK 6-axis MEMS which combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer

- Built-in Black Box with a large 128MB of onboard flash memory

- Plug'n'Play solder-free RP3-H ExpressLRS receivers

- Multi-function ports (UART) for future expansion (GPS, Optical flow)

- Compact and rugged CNC case for protection and heat reduction

- A perfect fit for any size heli build, including from 250 to 700
- Support wide range tail motors and Tail ESCs (760μs / 1520μs)


- Multiple independent power supplies, 1.8V for Gyro, 3.3V for the MCU, and 5.0V for the external interface

- Rotorflight Rescue function as a standard

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What is RotorFlight 2.0?

Rotorflight is a flight control software suite for single rotor RC helicopters. It is based on Betaflight, with many advanced features added for helicopters. Rotorflight is designed with helicopters in mind, having all features that us RC heli pilots know and love, plus more!

With added uart, newer protocols, you can connect to many other new hardware on the markets, from GPS, sensors for autopilot, rescue, position hold, to advanced LoRa control links, namely ELRS, that has extremely low latency and long range. You can also fine tune your heli to the extreme with vibration filters, blackbox logging flash chip, Radio-ready PID tuning.

More on Rotorflight:Click here 

Download latest Rotorflight: Click here

With its advanced STM32F722 MCU and the TDK ICM-42688-P 6-axis MEMS motion tracking device, which combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer, the NEXUS flight controller ensures precision control and flight. A large 128MB of onboard flash memory ensures you can log all your flights for fine-tuning and adjustment.

The NEXUS features a CNC machined aluminum case as standard, which looks great, protects the control unit, and dissipates heat for the F722 processor. 

The output plugs of NEXUS support a wide range of tail motors/servos/ESC with both 760us and 1520us.

Our Plug'n'Play solder-free RP3-H ExpressLRS receivers feature a locking connector system to ensure a stable connection between the control unit and receiver. DSM and S.BUS ports are also available for use with your selected receiver type. The NEXUS also features multi-function ports for future expansion.

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