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XLPower’s Nimbus 550 is the latest generation 550 class helicopter, utilizing proven design techniques found on the Specter 700 series. The result is a good looking, lightweight, and robust airframe with plenty of options available to customize the appearance and flight style.

Quick-connect System Pass Down From Specter 700 V2

Similar to the Specter 700 V2, the Nimbus 550 battery tray system is able to be loaded into the helicopter from the front or the rear, enabling the optional quick-connect system in which the model to be powered up/down instantly without removing the canopy. The battery tray accepts all standard configurations all the way up to 12s power systems!

Beefy 27mm Tail Boom & Upper Mounted Tail Servo

One of the most notable qualities of the Nimbus 550, and proven on the Specter 700 V2, is the use of a large diameter tail boom (27mm for the Nimbus 550) without the need for boom supports. Not only does a large tail diameter tail boom increase tail performance, but also has a super sleek look. The tail servo and tail control rod are mounted in the upper frame raising the vertical CG to improve flight characteristics.

With an average flying weight of ~2.9Kg (outfitted with a 5200mAh 6s LiPo) the Nimbus 550 will meet all demands with agile, responsive, and a confidence building feel, flight after flight.

Nimbus 550 Test Flight by Kenny Ko

Recommended Electronics For Nimbus 550

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