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Helidirect News

  1. DJI Mini 2 vs. Mavic Mini: The Best Mini Drone
    Mavic Mini has a video resolution of 2.7K, while DJI Mini 2 is capable of 4K/30fps video, offering higher-quality footage for those looking for more professional-looking content. A bird’s-eye view of your holiday getaway is guaranteed to impress friends and family.
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    Egodrift motor usa distribution HeliDirect is pleased to announce that we have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with EGODRIFT Motor for...
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  3. SAB Avio Drake KR175 Jet Build
    I was interested in building a thrust vector jet and decided on the SAB AVIO Drake. This plane does not need a full build thread as the manu...
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  4. SAB Avio Lizard Jet Have Arrived!
    Finally, our sample SAB Avio Lizard EDF jets are finally here at our warehouse.  These are the only first 2 Jets in the US. We are very ex...
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  5. TORQ Servo - Performance You Can Feel.
    If you're in the market for high performance servos, you have a lot of options these days, with multiple brands vying for your attention when it...
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  6. XLPower Protos 380 - Belt Driven Brilliance.
    Continuing the dominance and legacy of MSH, XLPower breathes new life into the Protos line, resurrecting this formidable brand with an injection ...
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  7. Pulse Ultra PLC400D Duo Charger - Why I Love It.
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    By Larry H. 19 days ago 811 Views No comments   We've all experienced those miserable, gusty days that make your day at the field a frustrating he...
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  9. Our 5 Favorite Helis
    We love helicopters (our "HeliDirect" brand is kind of a giveaway), and when it comes to choosing our favorite machines, it gets tough - quickly. ...
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  10. How To Choose A LiPo Battery For Your RC Needs
    Lithium Polymer batteries have been the ultimate game changer in RC, and if you're old enough to recall those dreaded NiMh / NiCd days of endless c...
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  11. SAB Goblin 770 Sport - The Beast Is Back
    SAB continues their forward march of heli domination with new and improved models at exceptionally low cost when compared to years ago. And despit...
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  12. Furious FPV DOCK-KING - Next Level FPV
    In the change by the minute FPV scene, Furious FPV continues to innovative with cutting edge FPV products that offer new realms of functionality, ...
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