Egodrift motor usa distribution

HeliDirect is pleased to announce that we have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with EGODRIFT Motor for USA market.  

EGODRIFT is specialized in high quality RC Heli motors since 2018.  EGODRIFT is made up of a team of industry experts that share a vision,  and a passion for products of the highest quality, combined with true innovation.

We are thrilled to partner with EGODRIFT to bring in another great and high quality motor choice to RC Heli pilots and RC Heli Community.  Great stuff is coming soon !! 

HeliDirect is a leading retailer specialized in RC Helicopters, FPV and beyond. Established in 2005, we have served the RC Heli commmunity for 15 years and have bring in many great product lines to the RC Heli market including SAB Goblin, Pulse battery, iKON Flybarless, TORQ servo, etc...


In a world that is filled with a plethora of near identical products, copied and re-copied for a me-too chance at the market, we have made a very simple list of three items, that we stick to rigorously with every product option that presents itself to us. (And trust us, there are many. And we turn a lot of them down because of those three little things.) 


Nothing without (our own) innovation 

Nothing copied, or simply labeled

Nothing that everybody else also already has 

For the development and production of the few selected items we create, only the best ideas, materials and methods are used. We test our equipment extensively with our pilots and teams (works and independent alike) around the globe to bring you tested, reliable gear for the use in professional tournaments.Our belief is that our focus on product quality will guarantee us your support and trust in the long-run and we have no intention to sacrifice this procedure to increase sales quantities. Quality will always come first.

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