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Our 5 Favorite Helis

Our 5 Favorite Helis

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We love helicopters (our "HeliDirect" brand is kind of a giveaway), and when it comes to choosing our favorite machines, it gets tough - quickly. With a mature and sophisticated helicopter market, there is a large array of high quality choices available, and selection varies deep and wide when it comes to finding the next perfect machine.

Even though it was tough, we have selected 5 of our favorite machines that have been chosen from multiple brand names as a way to spread the love and share our thoughts on these wicked 3D machines. Take a peek at our selections, and don't blame us (too much, at least) if you find one of these kits in your shopping cart, because in the end, you'll love us that much more when you take flight with one of these stunning machines.

SAB Goblin 570 Sport

If you love helis, you have to love SAB. If you don't, we honestly forgive you - we just don't quite understand you. When push comes to shove, SAB is just pure heli goodness with their ultra sexy aerodynamic lines, robust transmission layout, and a design that is ready to punish the skies above in 3D dominance. And when it comes to SAB, our current favorite is the brand new Goblin 570 Sport, featuring some all new touches that makes this beast an affordable high end heli that is simply gorgeous in every respect.

What we love about the 570 is its Jekyll & Hyde brilliance, with plenty of Mr. Hyde insanity that can be unleashed at the touch of the sticks. Beyond this, the ability to run a single 6S 5000mAh LiPo pack just makes this heli so easy to love, as the costs are affordable, and the power is aplenty. Want a 12S setup? No problem - the 570 delivers in spades. The 6S layout is certainly the most common, but for those that dabble in the high voltage arena, the Goblin 570 Sport is more than willing to play.

With lower cost parts that are tank like in durability, the Goblin 570 Sport is a beast to contend with. Designed to push the 3D envelope like no other machine available today, SAB has developed a cost affordable high end heli with every bit of Goblin lineage you could desire - all with low cost parts and attitude to spare. Take a closer look - we promise you won't be disappointed.

Oxy Heli Oxy 4

Oxy Heli has established itself in solid form when it comes to the micro heli market, and they've held nothing back with the Oxy 4. Designed as a zero compromise 450 beast, the Oxy 4 makes its name known with an ultra low parts count, massive levels of durability, belt driven transmission for maximum power transfer, and merciless 3D performance. 

Stocky in size with a rigid ovalized tail boom that requires no additional supports, the Oxy 4 swings 325mm blades as it feasts upon a 6S 22.2V pack for maximum levels of HV power. Want a bit more in size? No worries - the Oxy 4 adapts to your desire with the ability to stretch to a 360mm main rotor blade size. And with its ultra wide r.p.m. envelope, you can explore smooth & silky low r.p.m. flight via the low disc loading design, or you can ramp it up to next level insanity with 4500 r.p.m. blistering rotor speeds that will beat the air into submission without any sense of remorse. 

Robust, rigid and so incredibly precise, the Oxy 4 utilizes all the high end hardware you could ever desire for the ultimate in heli flight. Factor in its killer good looks and amazing flexibility, this brutal machine is the heli that you just don't want to pass up when it comes to mid sized heli mania.

Align T-Rex 760X Top Combo 

With the vast array of Align helis to choose from, it's a monumental task when choosing a favorite from this lineup. But don't worry, because we still found a solid favorite. Swinging massive 760mm main blades with a triple blade tail rotor design for maximum rudder authority, the T-Rex 760X Top Combo kit is a beast like no other with plenty of 3D dominance tucked away in combo based perfection.

Widely known for epic bang for your buck combos, Align hits it home every time with pre-packaged brilliance that takes out the guesswork when choosing your electronics, saving some serious cash along the way. Best of all, Align doesn't dumpster dive when it comes to the electronics within. From the tried and true BeastX flybarless unit, HV brushless servos and a HobbyWing Platinum 160A ESC, you can rest assured that you have a package that is epic in every respect when it comes to this stunning full sized brute.

Simply supply (2) 6S 5000mAh packs, a transmitter and receiver, and you're dangerously close to your next best flight. And considering this experience would cost you nearly a grand more if you were to build a comparable heli on your own dime, you can tick the "responsible & affordable" box without the slightest tinge of guilt when your better half pays the credit card statement that arrives next month.

Blade Fusion 270 BNF

Often looked over when it comes to high end helis, Blade is the brand name that typically brings beginner pilots to the fore, with low cost, forgiving and fun heli thrills. But don't count them out when it comes to high end heli bliss, as they have one machine we've selected that is not only a sexy little beast, but carries over its forgiving qualities with BNF simplicity that gets you in the air, on the quick.

The Blade Fusion 270 BNF Basic belies its "basic" moniker with an ultra high performance layout you would only expect in the bespoke heli scene. From a rigid carbon main frame, high precision CNC aluminum main rotor, and a helical main drive gear for optimized drive strength, the Fusion 270 pushes the micro sized envelope with power to spare. Designed with 4S power in mind paired with its top mounted 2950kV brushless motor, Blade pushed the boundaries with little to spare, utilizing top shelf nuances at an ultra affordable BNF price.

As noted, this machine is BNF ready. Mix in a Spektrum transmitter & LiPo battery, and you are nearly ready for flight. Seriously - BNF is awesome, and Blade makes that awesomeness possible. The instructions literally walk you through setup with every setting noted, and if your Spektrum transmitter supports it, you can even download the settings into your Tx, saving your digits from unnecessary stress during setup. And best of all, Blade adds "SAFE" technology to the mix, allowing auto level crash prevention at the push of a button. If that doesn't send this one home, nothing will. It's just a magnificent package infused with massive heli goodness that you simply can't pass up.

Mikado Logo 550SX

Last but most certainly not least, Mikado is the brand that may not litter your flying field, but when you take an up close look at this elegant machine, you will quickly surmise why heli connoisseur's flock to these machines. Simplified, Mikado builds some of the very best helis in the air today, with nuances & style that fit like a well tailored suit.

With a hornet like livery, the Mikado 550SX is ready to devour the skies above with precision & finesse that can be felt with every touch of the sticks. Light weight, incredibly well built and designed for a 6S based power plant, Mikado ties all the mechanics together with a herringbone main gear that whispers in flight. Pair this with a hollow 10mm main shaft coupled with an 8mm feathering shaft, the 550SX epitomizes watch like precision that rewards every maneuver you make.

For the pilot that wants something just a "little bit different," Mikado brings about a perfect choice with the 550SX. And when you dive into the Mikado ecosystem of VBar and VControl, the Mikado experience becomes something unique, amazing and ultimately unforgettable.




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