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SAB Goblin 770 Sport - The Beast Is Back

SAB Goblin 770 Sport - The Beast Is Back

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SAB continues their forward march of heli domination with new and improved models at exceptionally low cost when compared to years ago. And despite a cooling in heli demand, SAB is unrelenting in their pace as they refine & update new and improved models that make it hard for any pilot to resist the buy button when it comes to one of their gorgeous Italian machines. And as for their latest machine, you ask? The Goblin 770 Sport Edition. Oh yes - the beast is back, and she's better than ever.

After many years of restless dormancy, SAB has resurrected their 770 brute to punish the skies yet again. And best of all, they have touched upon every aspect of this brutish machine to draw out even greater levels of strength and performance - all the while shaving hundreds of dollars when compared to the previous 770 of yore. Don't you love it when that happens?

In line with the Sport themed SAB lineup, G10 side frames come to the fore, equating to tank like durability with ultra low costs. Seriously - these side frames are brutal when it comes to toughness, and at a huge cost reduction, they make all the sense in the world, leaving the Goblin 770 stronger than ever, with replacement parts cheaper than ever before. Toss in a light weight fiberglass canopy and an all new reduced cost carbon fiber boom layout, the all new Goblin 770 pushes the boundaries of large scale helis at a cost that is more affordable than ever.

Stepping up the performance is a redesigned 3 bladed tail rotor for maximum rudder authority with wicked aesthetic to boot. An added bonus to this 3 bladed mix is the full capability to run lower rotor r.p.m., offering additional tail rotor thrust when swinging the main blades on the slow side. 

SAB also touched upon the main gear, constructing this crucial part of high strength steel for the ultimate levels of brushless punishment. And considering modern day brushless motors can output well beyond 17 horsepower of hellish drivetrain torture, SAB has designed the 770 to harness every last bit of power & torque available, equating ungodly vertical climbouts with the slightest brush of the collective. 

Spec'd with 750mm main rotor blades up top and 115mm tail blades out back, the Goblin 770 debuts with a brand new high visibility livery, making it easier than ever to track in the skies above. And considering this is a 770 sized machine, keeping visual track of this beast shouldn't be much of an issue as its massive main rotor depletes the skies above with a tsunami like rotor wash below. 

Tried and true with SAB's indestructible dual stage transmission paired with a belt driven tail that can double digging trenches, the SAB quality and capability has not been lost with the new Sport lineup. From ultra levels of CNC aluminum precision to an aesthetically gorgeous layout that teases the air with its aerodynamic profile, the Goblin lineup stands out from every other heli on the flight line, with a design & layout like no other today.

No matter what type of heli kit you have built or flown, this kit screams quality, and you see it from the moment you open the box. With foam encased parts, a full color manual (with actual part numbers, no doubt), and meticulously marked bags that coincide with the beautifully laid out instruction manual, it's touches like this that set apart the SAB brand from all the rest, making the build of the heli as enjoyable as the 1st flight.

Looking to step up to the big leagues? SAB has your number with the Goblin 770 Sport Edition. And at a cost of $899.00, the 770 is more affordable than ever, allowing a beastly build up without breaking the bank. Combined with SAB's pedigree & performance, this heli will no doubt transform any day at the field into an epic level of heli domination with its massive presence & ungodly levels of power.

Interested in the all new SAB Goblin 770? Click here to take a peek at this brutish beast of a machine. We promise it will be worth your time.

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