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Viper Jet 140 - Blink, And It's Gone

Viper Jet 140 - Blink, And It's Gone

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Bat outta hell speed requires a very specialized design, and for those in search of the true quest of mach level thrills, the boys & girls at Harlock RC bring forth the Viper Jet 140 in all its stunning glory. Speed demons rejoice - your chariot has arrived.

Designed as an advanced pilots dream, the Viper Jet 140 is stunning in form, with its swept wing design, dual air inlets and a purpose built layout that is ready to scream with an EDF howl or a pure turbine roar. Pair this with a fully functioning retract system, and it's easy to see that every aspect of this machine was purpose built with full on scale functionality that is designed to thrill both on the ground, and in the skies above.


With a 55" wing span featuring a fully functional flap system, the Viper Jet 140 has a wide and forgiving flight envelope, allowing high speed passes to blend with lower speed flight regimes. Functional flaps allow takeoffs & landings without drama, offering the option for some low speed fly by's in high alpha trim without the worry of stall as the airspeed decays.

In EDF trim, the Viper Jet 140 provides stunning bang for your buck, with some killer thrust to boot. Constructed of a fiberglass / composite sandwich layout, the Viper Jet is ready for the 90mm EDF of your choice, with quality and performance that far exceeds EPO foam kits that may share the same "look," yet lack everywhere else. And considering this beast can be powered via a 12S EDF setup that offers turbine thrust rivalry, the Viper Jet 140 can be built up at a lower cost than 600 & 700 class helis of the day, making this machine much easier to explain away when your other half sees the bill.

Offered in multiple high visibility liveries that are stunning from every angle, the Viper Jet 140 looks wickedly fast while standing completely still. This jet was designed to draw a crowd, and even before you power it up, the sleek lines of the Viper scream performance and all out speed, making this jet a show stopper the moment it rolls onto the tarmac.

From the winglets to the aft vertical strakes, the Viper Jet 140 teases its true design, mirroring full scale form that has been aptly applied to capitalize upon incredible levels of aerobatic prowess. Screaming speed, the twin air inlets are a thing of beauty, ready to feed the insatiable EDF turbine that lurks just behind. Gorgeous from every angle, this machine was designed to scorch the skies above, with an aesthetic layout that draws envied gazes and longing stares up and down the flight line.

Have a need for ultimate speed? The Harlock RC Viper Jet 140 is the salve for those suffering with the desperate need of pure go fast bliss. And for the ultimately troubled amongst us, Harlock RC offers a turbine conversion kit, allowing the ability to strap in a 5Kg turbine for Jet A thrills like no other today. Simply add a dose of Jet A to the mix, and your turbine dreams await with the whine of a true turbine power plant for the ultimate full scale thrill.


- All imagery care of Jenni Alderman / Copyright via JagRC



Want to build your very own Viper Jet 140? Follow along and we'll detail the items you need to get you in the air with some brutal EDF power.

(1) 12S 90mm EDF: JP Hobby High Thrust 90mm EDF
With a 6.1Kg maximum thrust capability, the JP Hobby 12S 90mm EDF is literally as powerful as a turbine counterpart, equating to insane levels of high performance thrills. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum with 8 hours of rigorous factory testing, this EDF system is designed to push the Viper Jet 140 to the max with that unmistakable EDF howl.

(8) 22mm Micro Servos: TORQ CL0508 Micro Coreless HV Servos
Offering excellent speed and torque, these TORQ servos are HV ready, and feature an aluminum case with coreless motor technology. Perfect for every aspect of the Viper Jet 140, these servos will complete your kit and provide an ultra crisp, high resolution flight that you won't soon forget.

(2) 6S 22.2V 4100mAh LiPo: Pulse Ultra 45C 4100mAh 6S LiPo
EDF jets are amp hungry monsters that are ready to consume LiPo's in flight, so to feed the beast properly, high quality LiPo power is in order. With an ultra powerful 45C discharge rate, this Pulse 4100mAh pack is the perfect fuel for the Viper Jet 140, providing all the power the EDF requires, with the ability to be fast charged to maximize your flight time. Tied in series for true 12S power, you will be thrilled by the power these batteries will provide. Buy a few - we promise it will be worth it.

(1) 130A HV ESC: HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 130A HV
Designed to harness 12S HV LiPo power with extreme EDF demands, the HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 ESC has a 130A threshold that can be pushed full throttle all day long, without fail. Utilizing integrated aluminum cooling fins for maximum thermal capability, the HobbyWing Platinum Pro V4 is the perfect choice for the Viper Jet 140. Choose the HobbyWing Multifunction LCD Program Box, and programming will be an epic breeze.

(1) Retract System: HSD Harlock RC Viper 140 Complete Retract Set
Designed to retract into the gear bays of the Viper Jet 140, retract systems look stunningly cool, and they add tremendous aerodynamic benefits, allowing serious levels of speed via a low drag aerodynamic profile. Add in functional braking capability upon landing, this retract system employs electrical braking to slow the Viper on touchdown, with an added scale touch of a front mounted landing light. Simply put, this system is as epic as it gets, adding real world functionality that is perfectly designed for the Viper Jet 140.


Optional Item: Bavarian Demon Cortex Pro Flight Stabilizer
Our team has used these stabilizers in many fixed wing aircraft, and they are absolutely unbelievable in the way they perform. With butter smooth flight characteristics, the Cortex Pro nullifies ultra annoying wind buffets & gusts that take away from your flight, making every second of your flight absolutely epic in every possible way. Easy to setup and a massive benefit to any fixed wing aircraft, the Cortex Pro will spare your jet from an untimely demise, and every flight will feel as if you are flying on absolute rails. Further this with the ability to tie this system to the electric braking retract system, your landings will be even smoother and straighter with incredible straight line braking stability. Believe us - this is a MUST HAVE item that you don't want to pass up, making the Viper Jet even more amazing to fly with an ultra locked in feel.



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