Continuing the dominance and legacy of MSH, XLPower breathes new life into the Protos line, resurrecting this formidable brand with an injection of quality and talent via the team at XLPower. Providing the quality and support the MSH brand deserves, the former glory of MSH lives on, with new awakenings upon the horizons as these synergistic brands fuse into one.

Known for their butter smooth belt driven designs, MSH was one of the very 1st manufacturers to offer a full belt driven layout throughout their entire model line. Whisper quiet when compared to traditional pinion / gear designs, the belt driven construct advantageously harnesses insidious levels of power that far surpasses traditional power train systems. Elegant yet robust, this belt driven system is superior in strength, allowing obscenely powerful brushless motors to be utilized without the fear of stripped gears in flight.

With XLPower at the helm, the updated Protos 380 comes in at a stunning $199.00 price point, utilizing 80% of the original MSH parts, with select CNC aluminum parts milled via XLPower to improve the performance of this very capable machine. Epic in price with low cost replacement parts, this intense 3D machine is insanely affordable, drawing from a fully supported listing of parts that is backed via the might of XLPower.

Featherweight with a layout that is 200g lighter than the MSH 380 "Evolution," the Protos 380 is nimble and quick, with an ultra light disc loading that rewards those in search of rapid 3D finesse. Paired with proper high output brushless power, the Protos 380 is a potent 3D machine in the waiting. Furthered with a wide rotor speed range via multiple motor pulley options, this kit is optimized in capability with an optional high speed tail pulley for low rpm flight.

Synergised with a carbon, aluminum and composite construct, the Protos 380 incorporates a sacrificial tail boom to prevent main frame damage in the event of a crash, further easing costs of repair and painstaking rebuilds. Paired with a simplified light weight plastic canopy, the weight / costs savings theme perpetuates throughout the design of this aircraft, bringing affordability to the fore without the slightest compromise of capability or performance.

No matter your brand or affinity, the rekindling of MSH bodes very well to the world of helis, offering a premium, performance aircraft with exceptional levels of real world affordability. Further perfected via the team at XLPower, the Protos 380 summons epic levels of 3D performance into one of the most capable kits of today - all at a price point that is so deliciously enticing.

Interested in building your very own Protos 380? Check out our recommended electronics for incredible performance while maintaining the low cost beauty of this potent 3D machine.


Heli Kit: XLPower Protos 380 Kit 

Brushless Motor: Xnova 2820-890kV 

ESC: HobbyWing Platinum Pro 60A 

Cyclic Servos: TORQ CL0508 Micro Servos

Rudder Servo: KST DS565X Mini HV 

Flight Controller: iKON2002 with Bluetooth 

Main Rotor Blades: SwitchBlades 383mm 

Battery: Pulse 1800mAh 45C 6S 22.2V