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Conjured from the depths of Scandinavian lore, the Kraken depicts a hideous, mythical monster of the sea, preying upon hapless sailors so cursed to cross this ominous beast. Much akin to this merciless creature of the deep, the SAB Kraken preys upon machines of the air, satiating its quest for dominion over all.

Nearly a decade ago, SAB altered the very landscape of the heli world, releasing its very own mythical creature, the "Goblin." Sexy & svelte, the Goblin transfixed pilots far and wide, decimating the traditional pod and boom concept in favor of a fully revolutionary design, both inside and out. The SAB Goblin, in every possible respect, was a game changing beast. And after multiple updates and alterations to the original Goblin design, a fearsome leviathan arises once again, with an evolutionary leap into a new dominion of terror within the skies above.

Enter the Kraken. Light weight and minimalistic, the first thing to catch the eye is the narrow, aerodynamic profile of this exotic new creature. With a completely redesigned internal structure, the Italian squad at SAB has teased every line of this svelte machine, conjuring a contoured form for maximum aerodynamic gain. Achieving this goal was no small task, requiring a complete clean slate approach, featuring angled servo mounts for an ultra narrow frame approach. Factor in the complete redesign of the canopy, frame and tail boom system, the Kraken is far from a simple refresh; this machine has been radically transformed from the Goblin of yore.

Focusing upon a low parts count / ultra robust design, SAB adds an all new 7075 aluminum main rotor system to the mix. This performance 3D rotor system features +13/-13 degrees of maximum pitch capability, and an ultra easy way to dial in the pitch settings via pitch degree numbers machined into the grips. Sleek and sexy in shape, the simplified rotor system is easier to maintain, featuring fully customizable dampeners with blade levers mounted from the outside for ease of maintenance and setup. 

Moving aft, SAB has massaged the tail boom design, with a thinner overall profile that offers massive levels of rigidity and strength. And when terra firma strikes with impunity, SAB strikes back with a triple nylon screw design, allowing the tail boom to break free via the sacrificial nylon screws that are cheap and easy to replace. This low maintenance theme pairs with the independent belt shaft for the tail transmission system, which is easier to service than Goblin's of the past, equating to simplified setup and maintenance of this brutal new beast.

Unlike any other helicopter design today, SAB has summoned a revolutionary heli core design, featuring a patent pending fully encased power train system that is ready to harness the most hideously powerful motors of the day. Uber quiet with a grease encased design, this gear drive system is the core architecture of the Kraken design, and without doubt, the pinnacle accolade of the Kraken. With current 11kW+ brushless systems that are capable of decimating traditional gear train systems, SAB has developed a truly game changing design, offering an ultra clean, bomb proof power train that looks as sexy as it is strong.

Draped in a matte orange, gray & black livery that is paired with stealthy black aluminum rotor components, the Kraken makes its presence known in aggressive form. Easy to track in the skies above, the bright orange color scheme provides excellent spatial recognition, with a digital camouflage livery drawn from the SAB AVIO jet aircraft line via the saga of Antartica. 

Nuanced within the frame layout, SAB furthers this evolutionary & revolutionary machine with detailed touches to make the build exceptional in every respect. Incorporating ultra clean plastic cable channels within the frame, no longer does your build need to be blighted by messy servo wire that can be exposed to chaffing and damage. With the Kraken, your servo cables are neatly tucked away - safe and protected with an aesthetic touch that exemplifies the care and attention via SAB. 

Begging to be abused and ready to shrug off crash damage with ease, the Kraken power train is oh so willing to absorb massive power - ready and willing to accept 4535 sized motors, and daring you to do so. Pair this with a front mounted ESC that can house up to 250A of ESC fury, the Kraken is far from subtle when it comes to harnessing power and enduring abuse, providing a vast realm of power options with no end in sight. Concerned about how many kW your motor generates? Don't pay any mind to such trivial thoughts. The Kraken power train was developed to withstand the most vicious power systems available today, and is more than ready for anything lurking upon the horizons of tomorrow & beyond.

In the age of a mature RC helicopter market, small refinements and aesthetic changes are the norm, with the biggest "typical" thrills being lower cost models coming to the fore. SAB changes this dynamic to the extreme with the release of the Kraken, proving there are still ways to innovative when it comes to the land of RC helis. And with the Kraken, the boys and girls at SAB touched upon every aspect of the core Goblin design, transforming a truly evolutionary design into a revolutionary machine that will be a joy to behold, build and fly.

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