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The New Goblin 570 Sport

The New Goblin 570 Sport

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Low Cost, High Performance? Meet the All New Goblin 570 Sport.

High performance niche based helis used to come at significant costs, but SAB is making it easier than ever to step into large scale heli performance at a significant savings compared to previous models offered before.

So, what's changed? Utilizing lower cost materials like G10 & fiberglass in place of costly carbon fiber has allowed SAB to squeeze the price when it comes to their top end offerings - all without affecting performance or capability. With ultra strong G10 frames paired with a light weight fiberglass canopy, SAB has dipped the price with these changes, and has reduced costs even further with a new tail boom design. This all translates to an awesome 570 machine that is even more affordable for those looking to step into an SAB machine of their very own.

What we love about the Goblin 570 Sport is the inexpensive way you can set this heli up. Flexible with a 12S or 6S power system, the vast majority of pilots favor the 6S route, allowing a single 6S 5000mAh pack to get you in the air. With a single 6S 5000mAh pack (our favorite is the PLU45-50006 pack), costs are lower, and battery management is easier with only one pack to worry about. And since this power system setup doesn't require the HV 12S route, you can opt for a lower cost ESC as well, saving even more cash with a true high performance machine.

Adding to the above, SAB receives ultra high marks in our book when it comes to the low parts count layout, massive levels of durability, and the ultimate in building ease. With all SAB helis, these birds don't have a lot of parts to fuss about - an excellent design feature that saves cost, time and sanity. Durability wise, the SAB brand hammers it home with ultra stout tail booms, resilient belt drive tail rotor systems and a dual stage transmission that is as bullet proof as it comes. And when it's time to build these beasts, a color manual awaits with clear and concise step by step instructions with part numbers for your reference. Simply put, it just doesn't get much better than that.

If you've never experienced an SAB heli for yourself, the Goblin 570 Sport is an epic way to get your feet wet with SAB. We recommend this kit for pilots with previous heli building experience, and believe us, when you have a chance to build and fly SAB for the very 1st time, it's an experience you won't soon forget.

Interested in the Goblin 570 Sport? Take a peek at these two kits available in two different high visibility colors for optimal line of sight visibility. These kits are available for pre-order now, and as soon as stock becomes available, we will be shipping out on a first come, first serve basis.

Want To Build It?

Check out our below recommendations regarding some excellent high performance electronics at some great prices as well.

Cyclic Servos: KST BLS815 Brushless Servos

Rudder Servo: KST MS1035 Brushless Tail Servo

Motor: Scorpion HK3-4025-1100 1100kV Brushless Motor

ESC: HobbyWing Platinum 100A V3

Flybarless Controller: iKON2 Flight Controller

LiPo Battery: Pulse Ultra 5000mAh 45C 6S

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