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TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo - TORQ Is Back

TORQ CL0508 Micro HV Servo - TORQ Is Back

by Larry Haley

After a lengthy hiatus away, the TORQ brand returns, offering a brand new Micro HV Servo that is ready to ratchet up the pressure on the micro servo market with some awesome high torque capability.

Perfectly suited for helicopters, jets, airplanes and beyond, the TORQ CL0508 steps into the fray with coreless motor technology for next level servo performance. Coreless motors act like an outrunner motor, offering higher levels of torque, smoother overall operation, and faster overall response time. Greater torque & speed are the most beneficial outcomes of this design, translating to greater levels of performance relating to the application at hand. And when push comes to shove, who doesn't want more power & speed?

Designed to take advantage of high voltage output, the TORQ CL0508 servo is rated for 8.4V, translating into a brutal 6.20Kg.cm of torque, with a blistering 0.07 seconds of transit speed. Step the voltage down to 7.4V or 6.0V, and the torque & speed only diminishes slightly, making this servo perfect for a wide voltage range. Overall, the TORQ CL0508 offers excellent torque & transit speed throughout the 6.0V - 8.4V voltage range, and thrives at maximum performance when fed HV 8.4V power.

Constructed of high quality components with an anodized red 6061 aluminum case, the TORQ CL0508 keeps its cool through excellent thermal dissipation, allowing maximum output without the fear of thermal overload. Aiding the cooling capability is a slotted section within the case that partially exposes the motor core, providing even greater levels of thermal cooling capability. Going further within, you will find a full steel gear train versus the typical aluminum gears found via other servo brands. This fully replaceable steel gear set offers extreme levels of strength and durability, making the TORQ CL0508 ideal for high stress servo applications. Add in (2) nylon servo horns and (1) anodized blue aluminum servo horn, the CL0508 is feature packed and fully loaded.

Offering excellent resolution and precision, the TORQ CL0508 is a highly refined micro servo that is perfectly suited for helicopter cyclic applications, and completely at home when it comes to ailerons, elevator & rudder applications for fixed wing machines. The precision & resolution the CL0508 provides is a smooth & connected feel that is ultra direct. Considering servos are the direct connection to your control surfaces, choosing a high quality servo makes perfect sense, as the added precision and capability equates a true performance upgrade that can actually be felt in flight.


Flying helis, planes or jets? The TORQ CL0508 is an excellent servo upgrade that will provide the precision, torque and speed that will pay dividends with every flight you take. Having a high quality servo in the mix equates to a locked in, confidence inspired flight, with the TORQ CL0508 servo being the perfect servo solution for every micro servo application required.

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