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The kit does NOT INCLUDE: motor, silencer, rotor blades, servos, FBL system, battery, wiring, switches, any other accessories or other components that may be seen in the pictures of the helicopter. The new Miniature Aircraft ® Interceptor is the first series-produced model helicopter designed specifically for the second-generation O.S. GT15HZ-II gasoline...

The kit does NOT INCLUDE: motor, silencer, rotor blades, servos, FBL system, battery, wiring, switches, any other accessories or other components that may be seen in the pictures of the helicopter.

The new Miniature Aircraft ® Interceptor is the first series-produced model helicopter designed specifically for the second-generation O.S. GT15HZ-II gasoline engine.

A two-stroke gasoline engine requires efficient and powerful cooling because it operates at significantly higher cylinder- and cylinder-head temperatures than a nitro engine of comparable size.

The second generation of the O.S. GT15HZ is therefore equipped with a large, CNC-milled cylinder head which contributes to a good cooling of the engine.

All new developments take place at Miniature Aircraft's headquarters in Bavaria. Our team has been supporting us for many years with above-average commitment very successfully in testing of new technologies and new models.

The Interceptor has a specially designed cooling system to keep the engine temperature under control in all situations. Different fan impellers allow the engine power required for cooling to be matched to the environmental conditions, gear ratio, rotor blade length and the pilot's flying style. An aggressive 3D flying style, flown in Florida, requires a different cooling system setup than leisurely flying in Montana. This can optimize the flight performance of the helicopter by adjusting the motor power needed for cooling.

The cooling shaft is designed in such a way that the cylinder head of the engine is completely encapsulated and is completely surrounded by the cooling air flow. Thus, the entire surface of the cylinder head contributes to the cooling of the engine.

The engine performance of a two-stroke engine depends - among other things - on the temperature of the crankcase. The lower its temperature, the better the filling level of the cylinder and the higher the power of the engine. For this reason, the Interceptor's cooling fan sucks in air from "below". The air flows past the crankcase and cools it. For this reason, it is particularly important that the cooling air shaft of the cylinder completely encloses it so that no heated air is drawn in from the cylinder by the cooling fan.

The Interceptor boasts a host of new features and innovations that form a high-performance yet smooth and quiet-running helicopter, designed and built to meet the demands of today's pilots and flying styles.

Two of the innovations are particularly worth being mentioned here:

  1. A clutch was developed for the Interceptor in which the clutch lining (friction lining), which is usually glued in place, is no longer required. This concept was realized by using a particularly high-quality non-ferrous alloy as the material for the clutch bell. This unique combination of materials is used for the very first time in Miniature Aircraft's Interceptor in a model helicopter.

  2. With !PrintYourParts! Miniature Aircraft is one of the first RC helicopter manufacturers ever to offer its customers the possibility to produce selected spare parts themselves, e.g. via 3D printing. This opens up completely new possibilities in terms of the individual selection of materials and coloring of the parts.

The main rotor head with optimized geometry for up to +/-12° cyclic angles of attack is predestined for high agility. Up to +/- 16° pitch allows ultimate stop maneuvers. Miniature Aircraft offers matching MS-Composit Rapid FBL blades which are specially designed for high angles of attack.
The damping values of the head can be adjusted over a wide range. The rotor head comes standard with three O-rings per side in 90-80-90 Shore tuning. Optional setups are available such as two O-rings and one POM bushing per side or one O-ring and two POM bushings per side. O-rings are available in hardness grades from 50° to 90° Shore. This allows the head to be fully adjusted to the pilot's flying style and expectations.

The two-piece main rotor blade grips, which are manufactured in a single process without reclamping, result in much more precise blade guidance because the manufacturing tolerances that can hardly be avoided - which occur due to the necessary reclamping when manufacturing one-piece blade holders - do not occur here due to the principle.
This system allows convenient mounting of all bearings, dampers and other components on the spindle shaft together with the rotor head block. Finally, the blade holders are slid on and screwed on.

The new tail rotor blade holders are designed very similarly. These are designed as one-piece blade holders, but all bearings and washers are pressed in from one side only. This combines the advantages in manufacturing as described above with the advantages of one-piece blade holders.

The swashplate follower arms are equipped with 5 ball bearings per arm and provide a more precise swashplate guidance.

As already known from the Whiplash family, Miniature Aircraft now completely eliminates the use of spacer bushings which are typically used with a bell crank to ensure the distance between two ball bearings. Instead of a spacer bushing, a third radial bearing is used which ensures the distance between the two outer bearings. The outer bearings are now designed as flange bearings. This significantly increases the robustness and service life of the bearing position.

The Interceptor features a single-stage helical geared drive train for smooth and quiet helicopter operation. The typical "whistling" of straight-toothed gearboxes is thus avoided. The gears have robust module 1 teeth and are exclusively CNC machined, which guarantees high concentricity and avoids vibrations. The reduction ratio is 1:7.35. Gear ratios of 1:7.9 and 1:6.9 are optionally available.

The CNC machined freewheel hub has two freewheel elements for maximum robustness.

The tail gear housing has additional ball bearing supports. The tail rotor shaft bearings are pressed into aluminum parts that are mounted to the carbon side panels. This results in a precise ball bearing fit and a precise running belt drive. The proven 4.6:1 tail ratio offers the ability to fly tail blades from 95 to 105mm. The tail rotor of the Interceptor is a special feature. For the very first time it is possible to mount the tail rotor on the left or on the right side of the helicopter. The direction of rotation of the tail rotor can also be selected (clockwise or counterclockwise). Corresponding conversion kits are optionally available. By default, the Interceptor is delivered with the tail rotor on the right side and rotating counterclockwise.

The very light and robust carbon tail boom, which is specially manufactured according to the requirements of Miniature Aircraft, is particularly resistant to bending and torsion due to its unique layer structure. The carbon tail control linkage has aluminum end pieces.

The Interceptor is probably the only helicopter of its kind whose carbon parts are made from 100% real carbon. The carbon material used to make the carbon parts for all X-Cell ® helicopters is specially made for Miniature Aircraft. It has a unique layer structure which was developed at Miniature Aircraft. This material gives the individual component as well as the whole helicopter an above average strength and robustness. This material absorbs the vibrations of an internal combustion engine far better than probably most other materials commonly used for this purpose.

The new ball studs have a high-precision surface with a very hard coating. This significantly increases the service life of the plastic ball heads and the steel balls themselves.

The following details have already proven themselves in the Whiplash Nitro and have been adopted:

  • The carbon base plate running the entire length of the chassis gives the chassis enormous rigidity and protects the engine.
  • The cooling shaft can be removed by loosening just two screws on each side. This ensures easy access to the engine.
  • The tank is easily visible and can be removed by loosening only two screws.

The canopy of the Interceptor is based on a completely new shape and design and is therefore unique. Matching to this, there is a large assortment of colored skid tubes and struts. The selection of different designs and colors is continuously being expanded. The strutts of the Interceptor are available as a !PrintYourParts! part. The STL data are available for download in the Miniature Aircraft Shop.


  • Rugged carbon chassis made from 100% carbon specially made for Miniature Aircraft.
  • CNC machined clutch bell made from high quality non-ferrous alloy. The usual glued-in friction lining is completely omitted. Made in Bavaria.
  • Transparent fuel tank with 440 ccm volume for long flight times
  • CNC machined aluminum AL6061-T6 components
  • CNC machined helical module 1 gears made of high quality materials
  • High quality ball bearings from renowned manufacturers
  • CNC machined aluminum tail drive pulleys
  • Hardened main rotor shaft and tail rotor shaft
  • Optimized and highly efficient cooling system for the engine
  • Different optimized aluminum fan wheels available
  • Aluminum fan/clutch hub
  • 120° swashplate linkage
  • Aluminum tail tube clamp
  • Hexagonal start adapter

 Rotor Head:

  • Full ball bearing with thrust bearings.
  • 8mm spindle shaft
  • CNC machined aluminum swashplate with high quality pivot bearing
  • High quality control balls. Made in Bavaria.
  • New two-piece CNC machined aluminum blade holders for precise blade guidance and easy installation

 Tail rotor:

  • Fully ball bearing mounted with thrust bearings
  • Position left or right selectable (optional)
  • Direction of rotation selectable (optional)
  • Extremely light and stable 29 mm carbon tail tube
  • Carbon control linkage with aluminum end pieces
  • Hardened tail rotor shaft


  • New styling combined with new designs

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